Filcon - Saran Barrier Film

KREHALON™ (formerly PVDC) Barrier Film

Plastic Films offered by FILCON are monolayer, biaxially oriented polyvinylidene chloride films that provide a unique combination of oxygen and moisture barrier properties that can extend your packaged products shelf life significantly. These films are optically clear with a high degree of gloss, making an attractive see-through package. Other characteristics, making KREHALON™ Barrier Films an excellent choice for packaging applications, are high tensile strength, chemical resistance, and being unaffected by ambient conditions over extended time periods, so they don't crack, dry out, or embrittle with age. KREHALON™ Barrier Films are offered in a variety of grades and roll lengths and widths to satisfy packaging applications such as baked goods, dairy products, snacks and delicatessen foods, unit packaging, packaged meals, capliners, laminates, tube packages, and drum liners.

Available in widths of ¾ inches to 50". Roll diameters to 24", 3" cores or 6" cores. FILCON offers 7 different types of KREHALON™ Barrier Films. Call FILCON today to to discuss the right film for your application. 

Available KREHALON™ Barrier Films :

KREHALON™ CB100 (Formerly PVDC Type 8)

Designed for food and industrial overwrap applications. Available in 46 and 60 gauge.

KREHALON™ EDG-7 (Formerly PVDC Type 24&28

Double Wound.

KREHALON™ CB110L (Formerly PVDC 18L)

Primarily used for laminatin, this film is preshrunk and is available in 75 gauge.


Primarily used for capliner applications.

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